Technological leap with new powerful industrial laser projector CAD-PRO Xpert

LAP introduces CAD-PRO Xpert, its latest innovation in industrial laser projection systems. This advanced laser projector features a powerful technology platform, offering an expanded color range, improved visibility, and CAD data projections of high quality. Precast concrete part productions benefit from cutting-edge laser technology, meeting the increasing demands of modern production lines in terms of performance, precision, and process reliability.

The CAD-PRO Xpert adds multiple significant benefits to laser-guided processes in precast concrete parts production. Engineered to meet the highest demands in industrial use, this laser projector offers excellent projection quality even in challenging environmental conditions. Improved visibility of laser projections at workstations can be achieved in brightly lit halls or when exposed to external light sources from gates or windows. Moreover, the system provides precise, stronger, and stable projections from typical ceiling heights of eight to ten meters and beyond.


Stable projections in bright environments

The powerful technology platform at the heart of the CAD-PRO Xpert made the technological leap possible. Consequently, the system delivers exceptionally smooth laser projections, ensuring superior line quality at high repeatability. Operators enjoy improved visibility of projected geometries on pallets and tables, even in strongly lit environments. Another advantage is the stepless adjustable projection speed, allowing users to precisely tailor projection quality to meet their production needs. Additionally, the new projector offers enhanced precision of 0.1mm/m projection distance in the Standard version and 0.05mm/m in the High Precision series.

Increased visibility over long distances

The laser projector‘s advanced features make it ideal for projection distances of ten meters or more. Users can enhance its capabilities by equipping the laser system with a second laser source as a brightness booster. This „boost function“ allows projections with a projection power of up to 60 mW, substantially improving visibility over long distances. In case laser class 2 is not to be exceeded, the device now includes a distance sensor, ensuring safe laser operation at a further extended 14mW – true to the motto „Safety First.“

Reliability due to second laser source

An optional second laser source provides users with invaluable benefits. On the one hand, a capability for multi-color projections (up to six colors) offers new color combinations. This allows for a more distinguished display of information on workpieces, thus enhancing work ergonomics. Alternatively, a second laser source of the same color will provide redundancy. As a result, downtime and repair costs can be avoided, and the device‘s service life will be extended while ensuring high process reliability.


Robust operation even in harsh industrial environments

The projector is encased in a compact industrial housing in order to withstand even harsh industrial conditions. Its optimized cooling unit enables operation in temperatures up to +50 degrees Celsius. At the same time, Gigabit Ethernet ensures swift and secure data transmission and even faster switching through the work steps during production processes.


Value-added Ecosystem

CAD-PRO Xpert is part of the LAP Plus Ecosystem, covering the most advanced laser technology, easy-to-use software, and camera-guided quality assurance. The components of LAP‘s value-adding Ecosystem are modular by design and perfectly aligned, offering scalable solutions that seamlessly integrate into various production environments.


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