State-of-the-Art Batching Plant Empowering Climate-Neutral Vision

In a world that increasingly emphasizing environmental consciousness and sustainability, visionary companies lead the charge towards a greener future. With a relentless commitment to active climate protection, a company in Germany purchased a concrete batching plant which aligned with this philosophy. Elkon, a renowned manufacturer of cutting-edge concrete batching plants, rose to the occasion and provided them with a state-of-the-art solution that not only met their requirements but also exceeded their expectations.

Elkon, with its decades of experience and innovative technologies, has been a leading force in the concrete industry. The concrete batching plant supplied showcases the epitome of engineering excellence and sustainability-driven design.

The journey to develop a state-of-art concrete batching plant was a collaborative project development process spanned over two years. Elkon‘s experienced engineers engaged in extensive technical discussions with the project team to understand their exact requirements and provide the most suitable and innovative solution. During this intense two-year period, the teams meticulously analyzed project requirements, considering every aspect that could be optimized for energy efficiency, precision, and sustainability. This open dialogue and shared vision were instrumental in developing a plant that perfectly aligned with their climate-neutral philosophy.

Main characteristic features of batching plant

1) Impressive Aggregate Storage Capacity:

Elkon‘s batching plant features 2 parallel storage bins, boasting a huge total aggregate storage capacity of 16 x 60 m³ which arrives 960 m³ of total aggregate storage. This storage capability ensures uninterrupted concrete production with different materials, enabling them to meet the demands of their products. These aggregate hoppers are fed by an aggregate pre-feeding system that efficiently handles dump trucks using an H-type distribution belt to feed 16 hoppers.


2) Ultra-Precise Aggregate Dosing Gates:

Elkon‘s ultra-precise aggregate dosing gates guarantee an astonishing 0.5% weighing accuracy in every batch, even in very small quantities. The unwavering precision enhances the overall quality of the concrete and final product as a result.


3) Automatic Moisture Sensors:

To maintain the highest level of accuracy in water dosing, microwave type moisture sensors have been integrated into all aggregate bins and mixers. These sensors continuously monitor the moisture content, enabling automatic adjustments to achieve precise water dosing, further enhancing the concrete‘s performance.


4) Advanced Elkon Planetary Mixers:

This concrete batching plant is equipped with high-quality Elkon planetary mixers to ensure thorough and homogeneous mixing of the concrete ingredients. The 1500/1000 L and 375/250 L Elkon Planetary Mixers, both equipped with frequency inverters for efficiency and mixing speed control.


5) Energy-Efficient and Climate-Friendly:

An energy-efficient batching plant that aligned with eco-friendly philosophy was put into operation in Germany. Elkon‘s concrete plant have impressive features for the highest energy efficiency such as:

Energy Regeneration System: Elkon‘s batching plant boasts an energy regeneration system integrated into its aggregate skip buckets. The energy generated during the movement of the skip bucket is efficiently stored in supercapacitors to be used in following batches. This innovative solution significantly reduces energy consumption and provides sustainable concrete production.

High-Efficiency Motors: All electrical motors in the concrete batching plant are of the highest energy efficiency class. Additionally, they are equipped with frequency inverters to optimize energy consumption, further contributing to a reduced carbon footprint.


6) Insulated Enclosures for Optimal Production:

To ensure optimal production and to minimize the impact on the surrounding environment, Elkon‘s batching plant is equipped with insulated enclosures and mixer dust filter. These enclosures facilitate temperature control, making the plant ideal for diverse climatic conditions.


7) Advanced Automation System:

The batching plant is equipped with an advanced control system developed in-house. This intelligent system optimizes the workflow, reducing downtime and streamlining the production process. Without the need for the operator, concrete is produced automatically upon request of the hermetic press and if it complies with all parameters, it is sent to the press machine.

 The collaboration between Elkon and the company has resulted in a revolutionary concrete batching plant that raises the bar for precision, efficiency, and environmental consciousness in the construction industry. With its cutting-edge technologies, energy regeneration system, and commitment to climate protection, this state-of-the-art facility embodies a brighter and greener future for concrete production.



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