Shaping transformation

At the latest since the Carbon Management Strategy of the German government and, currently, also with endorsement of prestigious environmental associations that Carbon Capture – Storage and Use – is an important instrument on the way to climate neutrality, it has become clear that cement and concrete production can take place climate neutral.

Along this way, precast concrete elements will play an especially prominent role: their system-immanent potentials – such as lightweight construction, alternative reinforcement, slender structures and much more – are already available now. They are being used, among other applications, in serial and modular building.

The 68th BetonTage are picking up on these developments more than ever before and are showing examples of the transformation involved. All this is being accompanied by digitization and AI, as excellently reflected in the provocative opening keynote address by Jorge Hincks “Why we can rescue the world only digitally – or not at all.” But politics is also involved. Werner Loscheider presents the potential and promotion of slender technologies.

And there will once again also be new formats, such as the Live Video Podcast. Here, central transformation drivers will be discussed on an open platform with decision-makers and impulse-providers.

The exhibitors will play a central role here. Their innovations will once again be recognized with the Innovation Prize, for which a new expert jury, also including younger members and more women, points the way. The great breadth and depth of the lectures will be retained, as always: for all target groups, manufacturers involved in architecture, building contractors and structural engineers from engineering consulting firms. It’s time to register; the organizer and the BFT are looking forward to seeing you.


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