Retaining system for precast elements and manufacturing method

(10) EP 4 074 910 A1

(22) 15.04.2022

(43) 19.10.2022

(57) A retaining system (1) for constraining two precast elements (51, 52) for buildings, comprises a first anchoring insert (2; 32) associable with a first precast element (51), a second anchoring insert (3) associable with a second precast element (52) and connecting means (20) for connecting and constraining the anchoring inserts (2, 3); the second anchoring insert (3) comprises a portion of an open section channel (4) provided with a longitudinal cavity (5) and the first anchoring insert (2; 32) comprises at least one side wall (11) provided with a slot (12; 42); the connecting means (20) comprise a screw (21) connecting the longitudinal cavity (5) and the slot (12; 42); the first anchoring insert (2) includes a portion (10) of a tubular section (100) provided with a side through opening (14; 44) obtained by cutting the portion (10) and shaping it so as to form two anchoring tubular protrusions (13), which are parallel and spaced and extend from the side wall (11).

(71) Edilmatic S.R.L. 46020 Pegognaga (Mantova) (IT)

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