Prefab concrete element for constructing a
retaining wall

(10) GB2615084A

(22) 26.01.2022

(43) 02.08.2023

(57) A prefab concrete element for constructing a retaining wall comprising a wall 1, a foot 2 portions, and a reinforcing mesh, wherein the prefab concrete element has an L-shaped cross-section, and where the wall and foot are substantially perpendicular to each other. The foot is at least 1 cm shorter in the longitudinal direction at both ends than the wall. The wall may comprise a groove (fig. 1, 4) in the height direction in a first side and a tongue 13 on a second side opposite, wherein the groove and the tongue may be complementary. Both, the portions may comprise their own reinforcing mesh. The reinforcing mesh maybe folded in each portion, in the corner formed by foot and wall, in a u-shape and away from the other portion, wherein the folded portion of reinforcing forms a conduit. There may be a concrete reinforcement volume in the said corner.

(71) CBS Beton nv (BE)


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