Precast base slab and method for laying concrete block using the same

(10) JP2021032057

(22) 29.08.2019

(43) 01.03.2021

(57) To provide a precast base plate which facilitates setting and placement of guide members and enables labor saving in concrete block laying work and a method for laying concrete blocks using the same. Solution: A precast base plate 1 with a movement path R to which a concrete block B moves comprises: forming a lateral displacement prevention guide 2 on one side in a width direction that intersects a movement direction at least in a movement direction of the concrete block B; and providing a plurality of moving rails 3 for moving the concrete blocks protruding above an upper surface S of the movement path R on the movement path.

(71) Fujimura Crest Co. Ltd.; Tokyo Electric Power Co. Holdings Inc. (JP)


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