New panel for formworks for slabs having increased thickness and being secured by pins

(10) EP4234843A2

(22) 24.02.2023

(43) 30.08.2023

(57) Panel for making retaining walls of concrete formwork, in particular for concrete slab retaining formwork or the like, which panel comprises at least one plate (10) of wood or comprising wood, which plate (10) of wood is coated in at least some areas, preferably on its outer faces and/or along its edges with a waterproofing and/or protective coating (2, 310) and wherein the wood plate (10) is formed of at least one layer (210) of birch wood that is arranged in relation to the longitudinal directions and in width of the panel with the wood fibers in a first direction ...

(71) ILPA Engineering S.r.l. (IT)


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