New modular construction technique makes its central Florida debut

A Miami-based development company is bringing its own form of modular construction to Central Florida. The MCT Group Inc.‘s customer is pioneering a new era of homes and neighborhoods. Founded in 2021 by construction experts, design thinkers and technology leaders, it is committed to providing homeowners with the next generation of living spaces.

With corporate and manufacturing facilities in Texas and Florida, the Precast producer specializes in merging high-end design and leading technology to deliver the highest quality single-family homes and townhome communities.

Leveraging its customer-centric approach and its fully integrated construction capabilities, including innovative proprietary design and patented solution, MCT Group Inc. customer can build a signature home in under 60 days, outpacing the industry average of six to nine months, creating unique value for homeowners while scaling up through thoughtfully designed community developments. Florida Precast producer has already delivered a diverse portfolio of homes and has over 5,000 beautiful, sustainable, and resilient homes under development across Florida and Texas.

Hurricane-resistant concrete homes

A home builder pioneering a new era of construction and design, has recently announced the recent visit of Mascotte, Fla., officials to its Precast factories located at Homestead and Pompano, Florida in anticipation of the 200-single family home Villa Pass project groundbreaking. This marks the first time this revolutionary construction and design technology, allowing homes to be built much faster and with greater resiliency than by conventional methods, will be implemented in Orlando and will be hurricane-resistant made of rooms and walls that are first assembled in a factory.

Members of Mascotte City staff turned out for this precast factory tour, an introduction to the new Construction technology that allows for single family homes to be built within 60 to 90 days as opposed to six to nine months using conventional methods.

That’s because it has moved beyond the siloed, multi-contractor approach to homebuilding, with its inefficiencies, building errors, delays and oversights, to a holistic, tech-driven, start-to-finish design and construction process setting a new standard of tech-set precision and durability. The idea is to deploy this technology in Orlando and other select markets in South Florida and Texas.

“This isn’t something we typically do. However, the product is unique, and the building department had several questions they wanted to address,” said Mascotte City Manager Annamarie Reno, who toured the factory with the town’s building inspector and building coordinator. “This is technology our staff and the public in general has not seen before.”

“For me personally, I have never seen a home built 100% of concrete and done so prior to being brought to the site,” she added. “This is definitely a unique product that will do well in a state that is prone to hurricanes.”

New concrete plant

The customer has three factories in Florida: one that builds concrete foundations and staircases, another one that builds kitchen and bathroom “pods,” and a third that builds exterior and interior walls as well as flooring and insulation. The key component of the new wall factory is the batching plant to feed the carousel line from Progress Group, Italian based company.

MCT Group Inc. has been selected as the best partner for this important step for the group, meant also to strengthen the presence in USA construction business by starting a proprietary asset for the precast elements manufacturing.

The plant itself comprises of a receiving hopper where the lorries discharge their materials and these are then taken via an inclined belt to the aggregate storage hoppers. The materials are then distributed into the correct compartment through a reversible shuttle belt, and all of these functions are controlled by the MCT Aggregate Feeding system, which runs independently from the main control system.

4 No. Aggregate hoppers with a capacity of 90 yd3 each, then receive the materials, and these are monitored via laser probes to ensure the precise volumes are both checked for materials used and materials being properly discharged when filled from the aggregate feeding system.

When concrete spreader then calls for a mix, the materials are collected by MCT’s Aggregate weigh batcher, with a capacity of 2.6 yd3, from every compartment discharged into the skip.

The ‘skip hoist’ then takes the materials to 3000/2000 (2.6 yd3) planetary mixer, which provides the factory with high quality concrete. Upon the mixer platform are the normal components such as Cement Weighing, Water distribution, Admix & dust extraction. Cement is fed from 3No. 80T silos to either mixing line.

The mixer is washed via MCT’s own deigned washing heads and all the washed water and materials are gathered below the plant where they are separated and 100% of this water is recycled back into the plant, the waste material can also be recycled.

All of the dosing, mixing and concrete distribution is controlled via MCT’s very own Compumat system, which is intuitive.

The world demands to build different and build better

“All the elements of the home are built at the factory. They come to the site like Legos, and they get assembled at the site,” said customer representative.

He continues: “We are very excited to receive this support and attention from Mascotte City officials who recognize the critical benefits that our construction methodology provides when it comes to resiliency, sustainability and quality in single family homes and communities.”

Mr. Falchetti Gabriele VP for MCT Group Inc. adds: “Our plant allows the customer to build stronger homes and communities faster than it was ever possible to. Bringing this construction technology to a signature destination like Orlando that can greatly benefit from this offering is especially rewarding.”


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