New generation of loadbearing thermal insulation elements

With its Isopro 120, Pohlcon presents a new generation of loadbearing thermal insulation elements. The convince with their improved thermal insulation as well as with more ease of installation in the precasting plant and at the construction site.

A balcony is intended to enhance living comfort – but without becoming an energy cost trap. To ensure reliable connection to the building and to minimize energy loss as well as preventing moisture damage, solutions with high loadbearing capacity are needed that, in addition, prevent thermal bridges. Isopro 120, the loadbearing thermal insulation element with the H-Bau Technik product brand, ensures thermal separation at the transition between interior and exterior building elements, while guaranteeing load-transmitting connection over the insulation joint. Isopro 120, compared to its time-tested predecessor model, Isomaxx, excels with easier and therefore more efficient processing. This is because, thanks to the shear bars anchored in the thrust bearing, the element can now be simply inserted from above into the position between external construction element and the floor slab. In the next step, the respective areas are cast with concrete as usual. “In addition, the new series succeeds with optimized materials and cross-sections in achieving a noticeable increase in thermal insulation,” explains Stephan Klapperstück, who accompanied the development as product manager.


Pohlcon optimizes balcony connections

Isopro 120 is available in a great variety of types and versions to optimally respond to different applications and architectural requirements. These include, for example, applications for balconies and attics and parapets that extend across corners. Even more individual solutions can be developed in close collaboration with Pohlcon technical staff.

The elements satisfy all relevant protective dimension stipulations and are available, on request, fitted with a continuous nonflammable layer. The series meets the requirements placed on building fire protection, as well as on sound insulation, by the construction supervision authorities.

 “However, for sound insulation of balconies, it should be basically kept in mind that stricter requirements can be met only in connection with an appropriate floor structure,” says Klapperstück. But the best thermal insulation element is of little use when the balcony connections are not correctly dimensioned. For this reason, Pohlcon makes Isodesign planning software available at no cost. The “free entry” module enables structural designers to enter various balcony geometries and to dimension their connections. Supports can be freely arranged and recesses considered: e.g., for transport anchors or service shafts. The combination of structural and cost-efficient project optimization by the software ensures success for a wide range of standard types and fPohlcon expertise for individual solutions, including even complex construction projects.


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