Multilayer fabricated concrete slab structure house and mounting method thereof

(10) CN115142553

(22) 18.07.2022

(43) 04.10.2022

(57) The invention discloses a multi-layer fabricated concrete slab structure house and a mounting method thereof, and belongs to the field of fabricated buildings. The building structure comprises a concrete composite foundation, a prefabricated sandwich heat-preservation load-bearing wallboard, a concrete composite column, a concrete ring beam, a prefabricated beam, a concrete composite floor slab and other components, and all the components are connected together through post-pouring concrete to form the whole building structure. Compared with the prior art, sleeve grouting connection and slurry anchor lap joint steel bar connection are not needed, the cost is low, the structure and operation are simple ...

(71) Univ Shandong; Shandong Qianyue Construction Tech Co. Ltd.


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