Mold design and process for constructing an insulated precast concrete wall system

(10) US 2021/0238848 A1

(22) 19.04.2021

(43) 05.08.2021

(57) A method of constructing a prefabricated wall structure comprising orienting interspaced stud molds having an H-shaped channel shape cross sections and edges defining an open portion of the channel shape, in a  horizontal configuration within a framin means having a top , bottom, and sides and providing containing walls of the mold such that the edges of the molds form uppermost parts of the stud molds and are located within an essentially horizontal plane within the framing means; the stud molds being spaced equally between the top and bottom framing means to thereby create a space above and below, wherein the stud molds and framing means create cavities that are in fluid communication with one another, positioning rigid insulation panels within the framing means; pouring concrete into the enclosed forms so as to cover the rigid insulation panels and to fill the stud molds thereby forming the prefabricated wall structure, permitting the poured concrete to set; and removing the wall structure.

(71) Excel Realty Investors 100 LLC Beachwood, OH (US)

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