Interconnect support plunger for concrete block forming shoe

(10) US2023382009A1

(22) 30.05.2022

(43) 30.11.2023

(57) In a head assembly for use on a concrete products forming machine (CPM), a framework is configured to be secured to a vertically displaceable compression beam on the CPM. An array of shoes are sized to be fully received within complimentary mold cavities within a mold box of the CPM. An array of plungers are interposed between the framework and array of shoes, with at least a plurality of the plungers of the array secured at one end to the framework and at another end to a single one of the array of shoes. The plurality of plungers are configured with a C-shaped webbing comprised of upper and lower substantially parallel flange pieces connected via a structural upright forming an outside right-angle edge with each of the upper and lower flange pieces.

(71) Columbia Machine, Inc., US


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