System and methods for demolding concrete blocks and reinserting mold inserts

(11) EP 3 991 933 A1

(22) 01.11.2021

(43) 04.05.2022

(57) A forming system (10) and methods that can more efficiently, safely, and economically produce pre-cast modular blocks (20) having desired shapes and surfaces, such as those having reverse tapered shapes. The forming system (10) and methods disclosed herein allow for quick, easy, and efficient demolding and reinstalling of inserts (28) for the production of reverse tapered pre-cast modular blocks (20). The forming system (10) comprises (i) a form assembly (12) for concrete blocks (20), itself comprising a rigid support member (22) for a mould liner (16) and insert assemblies (26) selectively inserted into mould cavities (18) of the mould liner (16); and (ii) a reaction frame (34) with extending arms (38) configured to selectively engage with the insert assemblies (26).

(71) Rosetta Hardscapes, LLC Charlevoix, MI 49720 (US)


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