Green, digital, resilient - Precast Concrete Solutions

Methodology to evaluate the service life of concrete elements (José Rodriguez Soalleiro)

Two alternative methods based on recent Spanish standards that allow to calculate the expected service life of concrete elements and allowing, one of them, to modify the production parameters to reach the desired age in case the project requires a longer value than the minimum set in the regulation.

Digitalisation: Opportunities or mainly challenges? An engineering perspective EFCA (Joseph Ickmans)

Digitalisation is more and more incorporated in all aspects of life including the construction industry. The opportunities are vast as are the challenges. EFCA, representing the engineering consultancy organisations of Europe, monitors the developments and shares its findings and vision for the digital future.

Carbon Capture in cement industry (Rob van der Meer)

The cement industry roadmap 2050 identifies the measures needed to achieve carbon neutrality of the sector over the value chain. An important lever is the capture of CO2 in the cement plants. That CO2 can be permanently stored in geological formation, used for permanent storage in products through recarbonation of concrete and mineralization or used for other products. An overview of the developments and the European projects will be given, followed by an outlook for the future.

Rudus Biodiversity Programme Experiences and Opportunities for the Precast Concrete Sector (Terhi Rauhamäki)

Rudus Oy is a leading company in Finland manufacturing rock based building materials, and has launched a specific biodiversity programme (called the Rudus LUMO Programme) already in 2012. In ten years, the Rudus LUMO programme has been developed into a real operating model with an extensive network of experts, trained personnel, mapped opportunities and defined objectives. Today, Rudus has dozens of areas in different parts of Finland where significant measures are taken in accordance with the Rudus LUMO programme. Rudus has also developed products that support the programme´s objectives, such as products for stormwater management and recycled products. Rudus has succeeded in turning the challenges of the adverse environmental impacts it has caused into opportunities.


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Green, digital, resilient - Precast Concrete Solutions

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