Facilitating installation of flexible pipes in concrete slabs

In the construction of new buildings, the conduits for building ventilation can be integrated into the concrete slab to save space. Flexible pipes are often used to permit flexible and variable connection of the M-WRG-II and M-WRG series of comfort ventilation units. Connection and installation of the ventilation lines is particularly quick and easy with the new distribution box from Meltem, which additionally reduces pressure losses.

Suitable for cast-in-situ and filigree slabs

The distribution box is directly integrated into the slab structure during production of the cast-in-situ or filigree slabs. Ceiling suspension is not required – resulting in cost savings during construction and a more comfortable living environment. Installation in suspended ceilings, for example as part of refurbishment measures, is also possible.

The distribution box permits the installation of eight 75-mm flexible pipes on four sides. Consisting of sheet steel galvanized on both sides, the component enables the flexible pipes to be simply fastened with clips and then guided in the desired direction. The scope of delivery includes the end caps protecting the component from soiling and the matching DN 75 sealing rings. On the inside, the distribution box is fitted with a sound insulation lining to largely eliminate noise transmission. The distribution box can be hygienically cleaned when performing maintenance on the flexible pipe system. A brush with soft bristles should be used to avoid damaging the interior insulation of the box.


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