Elkomix-60 PL concrete mixing plant for precast elements in Drnje, Croatia

One of the leading companies in this region, with a workforce of more than 1,700, specializes in production of cement, concrete, aggregate, concrete elements and bricks. This experienced manufacturer decided on the erection of an Elkomix concrete mixing plant for precast elements, and on an Elkon Ercyl-10 recycling plant in Drnje, in the region of Koprivnica in Croatia. The company will operate the Elkomix-60 PL mixing plant and the Elkon Ercyl-10 recycling plant for the ongoing production of ready-mix concrete and concrete elements.

The Elkomix-60 PL stationary concrete mixing plant features an 1500/1000-l Elkon planetary mixer, fitted with a moisture probe. Galvanized 6 x 20 m³ storage containers, partly sunk underground, enable aggregate loading without ramps.

The company uses the Elkon concrete mixing plant to manufacture various concrete types such as:

Ready-mix concrete – high production speed and batching that do not deviate per cycle: ± 2 % for aggregate and ± 1 % for other constituents, in accordance with EN 206/1;

Precast elements – highly precise batching with exact moisture feed, enabled by a built-in microwave hydro-probe in aggregate storage;

No-slump concrete – high-precision batching and automatic adjustment of water content by the microwave hydro-probe in the planetary mixer.

Elkon furthermore supplies high-quality concrete mixing plants and continues to win loyal customers all over the world.



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