Carbonation system for curing of concrete products at ambient pressure

(10) US 2022 0227677 A1

(22) 10.01.2022

(43) 21.07.2022

(57) Provided herein are systems for carbonation curing and C02 mineralization of concrete composites and methods of manufacturing a carbonated concrete composite. A method of manufacturing a carbonated concrete composites includes contacting concrete with C02-containing gas streams in the carbonation reactor having a gas stream inlet and an outlet to provide optimal gas flow distribution and gas velocity. The concrete precursor includes a binder, one or more aggregates, and water. A gas stream is received at the carbonation reactor. The gas stream includes carbon dioxide. The concrete precursor is maintained at a suitable tempera­ ture in the carbonation reactor to thereby react the concrete precursor with the gas stream to produce carbonate minerals in the carbonated concrete composite.

(71) Iman Mehdipour, LosAngeles, CA (US); Raghubir Gupta, Cary, NC (US); Gabriel D. Falzone, Los Angeles, CA (US); Gaurav N. Sant, Los Angeles, CA (US); Dante Simonetti, Los Angeles, CA (US)

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