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Well-conceived combination system for more efficient shuttering

An efficient shuttering system, often together with a shuttering and deshuttering robot, is the core component of a highly automated precast concrete plant. If the system is well conceived and the processes are ideally adjusted to each other, the manufacturer can save time and money, while increasing the quality at the same time. The Infinity Line shuttering system and the associated Notch-free system, developed and patented by the Progress Group, allow this in an absolutely unique way, according to the information given by the manufacturer.

Though many precast concrete plants have a shuttering and deshuttering robot, automatically placing the shutters and removing them again at the end of the production process, but they still depend on elaborate manual shuttering with the aid of polystyrene extensions or an extensive storage of shutters. In order to optimize the shuttering process and to improve the quality of the final product, the Progress Group has developed Infinite Line, a system combining the shutter lengths in an optimum manner.

Infinity Line allows for shuttering without gaps and without the need of polystyrene extensions. Thanks to the well-conceived combination system, it is possible to shutter any length from 1.50 meters without gaps using just 9 shutters. With 14 shutters it is even possible to shutter any length from 1.00 meter.

Considerable savings ­potential

The elimination of polystyrene extensions not only saves time, but also money. If we take a number of 4 polystyrene shuttering additions per pallet and a production of about 40 pallets per shift as the basis for the calculation of the savings potential, it is possible to save more than 70,000 polystyrene additions or 8,800 running meters of polystyrene annually. According to the Progress Group calculations, an annual savings potential of more than euro 25,000 is possible per circulation plant.

If polystyrene additions are no longer needed, this benefits the environment, too. The Progress Group determined savings of more than 26,000 KWh of grey energy, which would have been necessary for the production of the filling elements, corresponding to an emission of 14 tons of CO2 per annum.

Flawless outer edges

Apart from an increased efficiency, it is the improved quality that speaks in favor of Infinity Line: The elimination of polystyrene extensions ensures flawless outer edges. If the Notch-free system is used additionally, shuttering without bevelled notches is possible. This prevents the unattractive marks in concrete at the triangular notches of the shutters, with requiring minimal additional work and expenses for shuttering.

Both the Infinity Line and the Notch-free system are well tried and tested and are now used by more than 20 plants to increase quality and efficiency.

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