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Waterproof concrete basements –

What does a waterproof concrete structure achieve?

Building underground is always a big challenge to both designers and construction contractors. For this purpose, key influential parameters must be determined at the very beginning to ensure that no deficiencies or use restrictions are found during the use phase of the structure.

The design task, however, does not start from the question of “What does a waterproof concrete structure achieve?”. Rather, it is associated with the more appropriate question of “What should a waterproof concrete structure achieve?”. Prior to any design work, it should...

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Issue 04/2018 IZB

Concrete seminars on waterproof basements

The code of practice on „Waterproof Concrete Structures“ of the German Committee for Reinforced Concrete (DAfStb) from 2003 was revised last year. The current version is available now, with...

Issue 02/2018 Design principles at the core of the document – what to comply with?

The DAfStb Guideline on Waterproof Concrete Basements

The relevant subcommittee of the German Committee for Structural Concrete has drafted an update on the Guideline on Waterproof Concrete Basements [2] fourteen years after publication of its original,...

Issue 07/2023 ROLAND WOLF

Sealing of prefabricated waterproof basements

More often than not, state-of-the-art solid buildings sit on a prefabricated basement structure. Such basements made of reinforced concrete are somewhat more expensive, but they also bring about a...

Issue 02/2016 Information requirements, connections, waterproofing etc.

Waterproof concrete basements reliably built with wall elements

Waterproof concrete basements are considered to be reliable and solid, among others, due to the advantage that grouting is possible from inside in case of a subsequent leakage - this, however, has to...


BT-Sealings for waterproof concrete basements

Waterproof concrete basements, tubular feed-throughs, precast concrete elements, and balconies are challenges as far as sealings are concerned, which are not always easy to overcome. If costs are to...