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Issue 12/2017

Concrete wall block

(11) AU2017228669 (A1) (57) A stacked concrete wall is disclosed comprising: a plurality of stacked concrete wall blocks, each wall block including a body having a front portion and a rear portion,...

Issue 08/2021

Concrete wall section

(10) US 11,015,345 B1 (22) 18.01.2020 (43) 25.05.2021 (57) A concrete wall section manufactured with a weight that allows the user of the concrete wall section to transport manually the concrete wall...

Issue 06/2012

Wall Forming System

(10) US 8,153,046 B2 (22) Aug. 27, 2008 (45) Apr. 10, 2012 (76) John M. McCary, Binningbam, AL (US) (57) A wall forming system utilizing flowable construction materials, such as concrete, to construct...

Issue 10/2020

Tank wall

(10) US 10,738,437 B1 (22) 18.04.2019 (45) 11.08.2020 (57 A tank wall comprises a concrete body, a plurality of reinforcement elements disposed in the concrete body, and a plurality of attachment...

Issue 06/2016 Greencode

Multifunctional ­insulation wall

The innovative Greencode insulation wall unit makes it possible to benefit from an industrial production environment as early as at the shell construction stage. Each wall unit is designed...