Video describes building system in detail

The SySpro system video has recently been launched on the Internet. It can be reached directly from the start-up screen of the website at, or from by entering the keyword “SySpro-System-Video”. This five-minute animation describes in great detail the main innovative SySpro precast components, namely the concrete basement, the insulation wall, the air-conditioning floor, and stair and balcony components. Symbols are used for all steps and interactions so that they are self-explanatory and that anybody who watches the video gets the complete information even without sound – a comprehensive and easy-to-understand product demonstration approach.

Viewers get to know the structure and benefits of the SySpro waterproof concrete basement with its close distance to the ground and factory-integrated installation components.

The detailed step-by-step description of the layered structure of the SySpro insulation wall (i.e. exterior finish, outer concrete shell, thermal insulation, cast-in-place concrete core, glass-fiber connection rod, inner concrete shell, interior finish) makes it clear to the observer that the wall provides insulation and cooling during hot temperatures as well as insulation and slow dissipation of stored heat in the cold season. Yet this component also has excellent soundproofing properties.

Comfortable, cost-efficient, customized

The SySpro air-conditioning floor comprises a concrete shell, pre-installed custom piping, and a cast-in-place concrete layer. It enables quick and easy heating and cooling within a single system. Temperature levels can be adjusted individually for each room, which results in a healthy indoor climate and highly efficient temperature control.

Stair elements feature a modular structure and thus provide a wide range of design options; balconies are supplied complete with integrated insulation and thus enable customized shapes.

The benefits of the innovative SySpro precast range in a nutshell: solid structures – the thermal mass of concrete creates a comfortable indoor climate and room temperatures (heating in the winter season, cooling in summer); cost-efficient construction – quick and cost-efficient building enabled by smart, solid systems; customized installation – the utilization of precast components provides a virtually unlimited range of architectural design options.

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The SySpro system video has recently been launched on the Internet. It can be reached directly from the start-up screen of the website at, or from by entering the...


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