Vehicle barrier

(10) US 2022/0056653 Al

(22) 01.11.2021, (43) 24.02.2022

(57) A vehicle barrier includes a longitudinally extending beam positioned vertically above a ground level and separating a protected side from an attack side, the beam comprising beam sections, each of the beam sections comprising a web oriented generally parallel to the ground level, a line post positioned on the attack side and comprising a bottom end positioned in a concrete foundation and a frame, a line brace having a first brace end located with the frame and a second end secured in the concrete foundation such that the line brace and the concrete foundation form adjacent sides of a vertex on the protected side, and adjacent beam sections pivotally connected to each other at the frame and the first brace end.

(71) Neusch Innovations, LP, Marble Falls, TX (US)


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