US dollar 2.7 m machine deal

Dubai’s Consent LLC has bought a concrete block machine from Techmatik for a whopping US dollars 2.7 million at Middle East Concrete. The Techmatik SHP 5,000 PRO C can manufacture concrete blocks with heights from 40 mm to 550 mm. It has low noise level and energy consumption. It is designed for production using steel pallets, ensuring high quality of concrete products.

Alan Sakr, Group General Manager at Consent LLC said: “We are working on a lot of proj-ects so it is hard to say what the equipment will be used for but Dubai’s Palm Islands and several parks around the city including Zabeel are some of our most important ongoing projects.”

Dariusz Kupidura from Techmatik said: “We are a family owned company and relationships have always been important to us. This may be the start of an excellent business partnership.”

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