Three new Small Business Towers with thermo wall building shells

The Projectcampus near Heimsheim in Germany is enjoying an ongoing demand as office location. The first Small Business Tower, erected in 2013, was followed by a pair of identically constructed twins. Now, the operator of Wolff Executive GmbH is once again significantly extending the offer of office spaces. Construction of a fourth tower is underway, and a fifth and sixth are in the planning stage. As previously, the building shells will once again be executed with Syspro thermo wall elements.

Along the freeway A8 between Stuttgart and Pforzheim, an unfinished building structure of precast elements, 25 m high, are visible at the Heimsheim exit. Three high-rise towers of identical construction, with an architectural concrete façade visible in the background, already give an indication of the final design.

On a square footprint with a lateral length of 20 m office space, a gross area of 2,800 m² on seven stories is under construction. The space is divided into a 5-m grid and offers flexible possibilities for utilization. Currently, interior finishing work is underway. Completion is scheduled for the summer of 2022.


Precast construction with Syspro elements

With the newbuild, the operator is responding to the demand for high-quality and affordable office space. Component suppliers for the electricity and automobile industry, service providers from logistics and communications and also employees are looking for workspace there. On the Projectcampus, tenants also find, in addition to furnished offices of variable size, flexibly available space for rent on a daily or monthly basis, conference rooms, lounges and even offices with overnight accommodation. Glass fiber dedicated lines in the gigabit range, public charging stations for passenger cars and an offering of street food are part of the facilities. For customers of the automobile industry, Projectcampus offers special offices which are certified for information security for the industry in accordance with TISAX.

The development of demand is reflected in the history of the Projectcampus. In 2009, the company E-Wolff Marketing GmbH commissioned construction of a three-story office building near Heimsheim as precast construction with Syspro thermo walls for its own use. When many companies showed an interest, they developed the Small Business Tower: a multi-story office building in precast construction featuring Syspro elements with flexibly divisible spaces available for rent. The first three towers were erected in the course of two years.


Three additional towers

The fourth Small Business Tower on the street Römerstrasse followed the successful concept. Architect Frank Diefenbacher from Niefern-Öschelbronn is , as previously for the twin towers, in charge of planning and site supervision. Implementation of the building with Syspro precast elements was decided on owing to the short construction time, among other things. The thermo wall elements with integrated thermal insulation in the plant and the standard double-wall elements permit rapid construction progress. The smooth-formed elements require no cladding, neither inside nor outside. The very good noise insulation values of the thermo wall were another reason for the decision, given the location of the building on the A8. The precast elements come from the Syspro member Beton Kemmler. The Swabian company had earlier been involved in the production of the first three towers. By mid-2021, Beton Kemmler had already delivered a total of 2,030 m² of Syspro thermo wall, 998 m² double walls, 2,866 m² floor elements, 21 stair elements and 86 running meters of attic elements.

 “The success of the Small Business Towers would be unthinkable without precast construction. We are pleased about full occupancy and an ongoing demand. A continuation of the concept has therefore simply presented itself,” said Patrick Wolff, Managing Director of Wolff Executive GmbH and developer. Construction of the fifth tower is planned for 2023, the sixths for 2025.


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