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Three Servopac models offered

Besser Company now offers three models of Servopacs. According to the manufacturer, all are perfect choices whether one is replacing a machine in a current facility or installing a completely new plant. All models offer quick mold and height change capabilities. The Servopac Select (formerly known as the LT) can be installed in a new setup and as a direct replacement for an existing machine. It can reuse an existing machine foundation. A mold and height change can be made within 15 min. – with a complete mold and height change, including the agitator grid and cut-off bar, in 30 min. or less. The vibration system utilizes two servo motors which provide control of vibration frequency and amplitude. This consistent vibration produces precise, high-quality products, cycle after cycle. The Servopac Select can produce products from 1”-12” (25–300 mm) and is available in 3, 4 and 8 at-a-time models.

Classic and Premier

The Servopac Classic was introduced to the industry in 2007 and can also be used as a replacement of an existing machine. It can reuse an existing foundation. In less than 5 min., a mold and height change can be completed. A complete mold and height change, including the agitator grid and cut-off bar, can be completed in less than 15 min. All machine adjustments are easily made with the touch of a button. The vibration system utilizes proven technology. Four servo motors work in two pairs to provide fully independent control of vibration frequency and amplitude. Consistent vibration enables the production of precise, high-quality concrete products, including slabs, brick, block and segmental retaining wall products. The Servopac Classic can produce products from 1”-12” (25-300 mm). It is available in 3, 4, 5 and 6 at-a-time models.

The Servopac Premier is Besser’s big board machine. It is completely engineered and manufactured in the US. Mold and height changes are completed in less than five minutes. Machine adjustments are made with the push of a button. Its smart design means parts are readily accessible and easily removable when replacement is required.

The Premier uses table vibration with independent amplitude and frequency control. Products from 1“-20” (25-300 mm) can be produced. The Premier is available with a board size of 1,400 × 1,200 mm.


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