The times they are a-changin’

There were times when you found not only concrete blocks on block production boards, but also a blonde in hot pants. And the clearly despairing managing director of a precast plant complained, unabashed: “My old lady is taking the shirt off my back!” You want to know when that happened and where? That was in the late nineteen seventies and up to the late nineteen nineties in Germany in advertisements of the suppliers of our industry.

Today, motifs and slogans of that kind are no longer conceivable in our part of the world. Anyone who would advertise in this way today would soon be swamped with letters of protest and biting commentaries in print and online media. The times have indeed changed and with them our way of thinking – or at least the advertising motifs have changed. The editors of BFT International reacted with astonishment and partly with amusement when researching in the issues of our technical journal from the last 60 years. Why did we go so far back in history? In the upcoming year 2016, the BetonTage in the German city of Neu-Ulm will take place for the 60th time. Beginning on p. 12 you can see the announcement with a few old snapshots.

By the way: beginning now, you can once again compete for the Innovation Prize of the Supplier Industry for Concrete Components. The Innovation Prize is annually awarded jointly by FBF Betondienst GmbH and your technical journal BFT International. The prize promotes innovative market-oriented products and services upon their entry into and success on the market, thus promoting the development of our industry. Submissions will be accepted until 30 November 2015. Even though this date is far away, we recommend downloading the application documents now. They are available at the website  Participation is in any case worth the effort, because all submissions will be published in BFT International. We look forward to your entry indeed.

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