System und Verfahren für modulare Konstruktion

(10) US 2022/0002991 Al

(22) 19.05.2021

(43) 06.01.2022

(57) A building module for use in construction of a building comprising a deck oriented in a horizontal plane and a plurality of hollow structural members extending down­wardly from around a periphery of the deck. A method of constructing a building comprising placing a plurality of prefabricated modules according to a floor plan to form a story of the building, pouring concrete into the hollow structural members of the plurality of modules to form structural columns, pouring concrete onto the decks of the plurality of prefabricated modules for form structural slabs, and allowing the structural columns and structural slabs to set to complete the story of the building. Embodiments include a plurality of techniques for sealing adjacent pre­fabricated modules and for installing a balcony on the prefabricated modules.

(71) PRE-FORM SYSTEMS, San Diego, CA (US)


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