Surfaces of structural precast components – Specifying, producing and protecting fair-faced
and architectural concrete correctly

In the past few years, the requirements for fair-faced and architectural concrete seem to have become more and more demanding. But is this really the case?

What we do notice is that appointed experts have to increasingly deal with related matters owing to frequently diverging opinions of owners/clients on the one hand and precast producers on the other with respect to what has been specified and is thus owed under the contract. There is a notable discrepancy between “what do I imagine” and “what do I get”.

The Fachvereinigung Deutscher Betonfertigteilbau e.V. (FDB) has revised its Codes of Practice No. 1 and 8 in 2020 in order to provide specifiers and contractors with clearer guidelines on how to assess exposed surfaces in precast construction.

How do I specify correctly? Which approach should I follow? These questions will be answered with the aid of specific examples while making reference to the revised FDB Codes of Practice, focusing on the correct approach and application of the rules they contain.

This paper will also cover the topic of how to protect precast
element surfaces. Which surface protection system should be applied in which case? How long will such a protection last? Is protection necessary at all? All these questions are frequently being asked – and this presentation will endeavor to answer them. In so doing, reference will be made to the new information sheet entitled
“Oberflächenschutz, Reinigung und Pflege von Fertigteilfassaden aus Architekturbeton” [Surface Protection, Cleaning and Main-tenance of Prefabricated Architectural Concrete Façades] published by the Fachvereinigung Deutscher Betonfertigteilbau e.V. (FDB).

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