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Issue 07/2019

Structural precast component and process for manufacture of a structural precast component

(10) DE 10 2017 126 966 A1 (22) 16.11.2017 (43) 16.05.2019 (57) Zusammenfassung: Ein Betonfertigteil (1, 21) mit einer Halterung (4) zur Befestigung eines Dichtelements (16) ist dadurch...

Issue 10/2011 Successfully tested

New precast elements for protective walls of Nordbeton GmbH

Both tests were passed in the lowest impact security class “A” (ASI<1.0), which means the highest degree of security for the passengers of a vehicle in accordance with DIN EN 1317. The company...

Issue 09/2010 Simple and Clever

Cost-effectively Sealing of Precast Wall Elements

One of these solutions is to build pressurized water-impermeable joints between precast wall elements using the innovative sealing tape RubberElast® of B.T. innovation. If to build pressurized...

Issue 02/2016 Specifications and practical examples

Structural precast construction in seismic areas

Design and construction in German earthquake areas had previously been governed by DIN 4149 [1]. This standard will be superseded by DIN EN 1998-1 (Eurocode 8) [2, 3] and the corresponding...