Steel, Reinforced concrete column

(10) WO 2018/069752 Al

(22) 14.10.2016

(43) 19.04.2018

(57) A steel reinforced concrete column for a high rise building comprises a plurality of hot-rolled steel sections extending longitudinally through the concrete column. Each of these steel sections has an outward flange with an outer surface turned outwards in the concrete column, an opposite inward flange with an outer surface turned inwards in the concrete column, and a web connecting the outward flange to the inward flange. The steel sections are arranged in the concrete column so that the outer surfaces of their inward flanges at least partially delimit therein a central concrete core with n lateral sides and a transversal cross-section that forms an n-sided polygon, n being at least equal to three, and each of the n lateral sides of the central concrete core being coplanar with the outer surface of the inward flange of at least one steel section.

(71) ARCELORMITTAL [LU/LU]; 24-26 boule­yard d‘Avranches, 1160 Luxembourg (LU).


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