State-of-the-art plant technology ­presented on the anniversary

On October 24, 2014, Techmatik SA celebrated its 10th anniversary with a significant number of invited guests who came from more than 50 countries, from almost all continents. The company was founded in 2004, in the so-called Tarnoberzeskie Zone of the Special Industrial Area of Radom in the central part of Poland. The present workforce amounts to approx. 500 people. Techmatik is specialized in the production of machines, plants and molds for the manufacture of construction products, which guarantee high performance, manufacturing repeatability, and in consequence, high-quality products. All machines and plants are fully automatic, being controlled by an integrated computer system.

Successful international partnerships

Techmatik permanently expands its portfolio through continuous introduction of new products; the product range includes complete manufacturing plants for paving blocks and concrete elements.

During the anniversary celebration, Dariusz Kupidura, President of Techmatik, welcomed the more than hundred invited guests, above all customers from Poland, the former CIS countries, other European countries and Asia. Not least because of successful partnerships such as, for example, with the American machinery and equipment manufacturer Columbia Machine Inc. there were also more and more concrete manufacturers from other parts of the world as North and South America as well as New Zealand among the customers, in recent years.

In the course of the anniversary celebration the company honored several particularly loyal customers, furthermore, offering an extensive entertainment program.

Leader in plants for ­manufacturing of concrete products

Innovations such as the concrete block machines HP 3000 Pro and SHP 5000 Pro C, the Multi 200 egg-layer machine to produce concrete products with polystyrene inserts or the latest generation of textured molds with heating system as well as many other novelties were presented during the factory tour that followed. In addition, the guests could see, the Multi 1200 Pro concrete block machine, various planetary mixers, wash-out machines and drums for finishing the surface of concrete products, storage and retrieval units, magnet feeders, packaging machines, elevators and lowerators, molds for the manufacture of paving blocks and concrete elements and many more, with all being in operation.

The machines undergo rigorous testing in the Radom R&D facility before being handed off to the customer. The concrete block manufacturer Jadar located in the neighborhood is used as “test facility”; where every machine and equipment produces concrete products in live operation enabling the company to correct any possible defect in good time prior to the delivery to the final customer.


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