Special precast components custom-made from Westphalia

Stanecker Betonfertigteilwerk GmbH based in Borchen in Westphalia, Germany, is manufacturing special precast concrete components, primarily in the field of building construction, underground construction, garden and landscape construction. The company manufactures customized precast components of all kinds with the exception of prestressed concrete, ­semi-precast and other mass-produced elements.

Stanecker Betonfertigteilwerk GmbH, the precast concrete factory located in the Westphalian village of Borchen near Paderborn, right next to the federal highway A33, is manufacturing special precast concrete components for all sectors, primarily in the field of building construction and underground construction as well as garden and landscape construction. With the exception of prestressed concrete and semi-precast components, the company manufactures precast components of all kinds according to individual customer requirements.

“Our company neither has standard products nor do we stockpiling...

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