South Korea Precast market adopts on site
mobile batching plant

The growth of the construction market and the desire to make improvements to building quality are pushing South Korean companies to use new technologies and in particular with regards to precast elements. One of these companies is Jisan Engineering Co. Ltd who has just launched a new mobile precast plant capable of producing high quality concrete elements for industrial building directly on site.

Jisan is one of the fastest growing South Korean precast company with high skilled engineers able to provide turn key solutions: planning, designing, production and installation in a very competitive way thanks to the wide use of precast elements.

The owner and founder of Jisan Engineering Co. Ltd, Mr. Han JuSik, has developed a very long experience in construction business and nowadays his team of engineers can provide valuable solutions in various branches of the construction industry, both in civil and industrial sectors even if the real core business is warehouse and logistic facilities construction.

Project Overview Jisan Engineering

Due to the very strict regulation and weekend working restriction in South Korea construction sites, the intention of Jisan Engineering Co. Ltd was to develop precast production directly in the erection place.

MCT Mobile plant was selected as right solution in order to guarantee high production rate, save costs connected to transport / production time and it also meets all the local environmental laws.

The first project the plant has been used is the Namsa ice logistic terminal built in 1027, Cheoinseong-ro, Namsa-myeon, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. This massive building, fully built with precast elements, covers a total surface of 261,800 m2 and it is composed of 5 floors.

MCT Italy: best supplier for a top solution

In this specific case the installation is the mobile MCT batchinging plant, model MCM.100.

The main structure of this plant is composed of two 8 ft x 40 ft containers, which means it can easily be transported (by road, ship or train) from one site to another and is extremely easy to assemble. Transportation, installation and commissioning can all be carried out by the customer‘s existing crew without the need for foundations, plumbing or electrical connections. The plant goes together using pinned connections with no needs for bolts and nuts that we call our “zero nuts and bolt” design. The two containers are connected to each other by four tapered pins positioned at the corners of the lower module, which are inserted and connected to the upper one; providing stability to the entire structure.

Two horizontal cement silos for a total storage of 120 ton complete the mobile set up: they don’t require any type of foundation or ground work to be installed and the erection phase takes place in few hours.

The electrical and hydraulic connections are carried out and tested in the factory with the aim of guaranteeing maximum reliability of the whole system; the customer’s assembly crew are therefore required only to connect the industrial plugs (which are different from each other making any type of mistake impossible) from the motors to the control panel when the system is installed.

Managing the plant automation and supervision is the most technologically advanced part of the system and it makes the entire working of the structure basic: the mixing takes place in a very short time and the system for weighing aggregates and cement is very precise. The concrete output reaches 100 m³/h in the pick hours and a twin shaft mixer 3750/2500 guarantees a very high-quality mixing phase.

MCT Italy shapes Jisan dreams

„The changing world did not go unnoticed at Jisan“, Mr. Han ByungMin, Jisan General Manager explains. He continues: „The business plans regarding the new precast production was updated to correspond with the new market outlook.”

Strong partner for long-term cooperation MCT Italy, through the local support of Mr. Oh from Hanin corporation, has worked closely together with Jisan Engineering Co. Ltd throughout the project, offering consultation and advices regarding all aspects in the building of a completely new facility and organization in a new market area. “When you are choosing a supplier for new precast equipment, it is essential to choose a strong, experienced firm with a specialized organization for continuous cooperation. After we got up to full speed with negotiations with MCT Italy, and our technical & consultant engineers supported us in comparing different suppliers, the contract was prepared in a very short time,” adds Mr. Han, ByungMin.

“We got excellent feedback from MCT Italy regarding the business environment. They supported our team with prompt feedback and very good attitude. Despite the language barriers, the erection, start up and commissioning of the plant was extremely fast and easy. The MCT Italy automation is also running in Korean Language and this was extremely appreciated by our plant operators” says Kim, HyeongSeok, Jisan Factory Manager.

Jisan believes in long-lasting partnership

MCT Italy‘s South Korea Sales Director Falchetti Gabriele says that over the years, MCT has delivered several plants to South Korea. This is the second delivery to Jisan Engineering, a precast concrete manufacturer with a previous focus only on construction sites.

During the past years, South Korea has gone through changes that have had a boosting effect on the construction industry as the new leaders tackle the nation’s problems. “Precast technology, especially the utilization of industrial elements, is on the rise in the country. MCT was chosen by Jisan Engineering due to the proven technology and positive experiences on the previous production line” Falchetti explains.

An undoubted added value to MCT Italy presence in the country is the MCT local team: “Our professional network can provide professional support, experience and real time assistance throughout the whole plant’s lifetime” Mr. Oh from the MCT local team adds. Soon after the start of the production the interest in the South Korean market was rising and Jisan Engineering Co. Ltd made his plans real, deciding to make the next step by investing into a fully automated system for walls and hollow core production.


Jisan Engineering C. Ltd.

18 64Beon-Gil Gwangok-Ro

Giheung-Gu Yongin-Si

Gyeonggi-Do 16972/ South Korea


Hanin S.I. Corp.

#817, Hosu Green, 8-38

Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si,

Gyeonggi-do, 10401/South Korea


MCT Italy S.r.l.

Via Perugia 105

06084 Bettona (Perugia)/Italy

+39 075 988551


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