Day 3: Donnerstag, 20th February 2014

Small wastewater treatment systems

203 The work for the European Standard for small wastewater treatment plants EN 12566 – a never ending but always actual story
Die Arbeit an der Europäischen Kleinkläranlagennorm EN 12566 – Eine unendliche, immer wieder aktuelle Geschichte
Dipl.-Biol. Bettina Schürmann
204 Water-endangering substances and small wastewater treatment plants – Consequences of the ­Production Products Regulation
Wassergefährdende Stoffe und Kleinkläranlagen – Konsequenzen aus der Bauproduktenverordnung
Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Verschitz
206 German small wastewater treatment plants – Prospects in Europe from a supplier‘s...

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Issue 2015-02 Day 3: Wednesday, 26th February 2015

Small wastewater treatment systems

195 Actual developments in the standards for small wastewater treatment plants Aktuelle Entwicklungen bei der Kleinkläranlagennorm Dipl.-Biol. Bettina Schürmann 196 Wastewater disposal in rural...

Issue 2013-02 Day 3: Thursday, 7th February 2013

Small wastewater treatment systems

Title Titel Restricted traffic of goods for small wastewater treatment systems despite CE marking? – trade obstacles imposed by national requirements, on the example of the General French Protocol...

Issue 2014-02 German small wastewater treatment plants

Prospects in Europe from a supplier‘s point of view –

Because of the keen competition here in Germany, many suppliers of small wastewater treatment plants are heading to the other European countries. They mostly hope to escape from the German competitive...

Issue 2013-02 Revision of the European standard EN 12566-3 for small wastewater treatment plants

Impact from quality and quantity of raw wastewater in the EU Member states

Working with and at the European standard for small wastewater treatment plants EN 12566-3 for seven years, amending it the first time in 2009 and adding a second amendment, that will be published in...

Issue 2019-02 A quantum leap for small wastewater treatment plants made of concrete?

EN 12566:2021

In the spring of 2013, manufacturers of small concrete wastewater treatment plants from all parts of Germany have formed a joint working group. Since that time, in addition to flyers, the working...