Day 3: Wednesday, 26th February 2015

Small wastewater treatment systems

195 Actual developments in the standards for small wastewater treatment plants
Aktuelle Entwicklungen bei der Kleinkläranlagennorm
Dipl.-Biol. Bettina Schürmann

196 Wastewater disposal in rural areas – Current concerns
Abwasserentsorgung im ländlichen Raum – Aktuelle Problemstellungen
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Nowak

198 Effects of professional maintenance on the effluent quality of small wastewater treatment plants
Auswirkung einer fachgerechten Wartung auf die Ablaufqualität bei Kleinkläranlagen
Abwassermeister Hans-Hermann Goedereis

199 Small wastewater treatment plants well-proven in practice –...

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Small wastewater treatment systems

203 The work for the European Standard for small wastewater treatment plants EN 12566 – a never ending but always actual story Die Arbeit an der Europäischen Kleinkläranlagennorm EN 12566 – Eine...

Issue 2013-02 Day 3: Thursday, 7th February 2013

Small wastewater treatment systems

Title Titel Restricted traffic of goods for small wastewater treatment systems despite CE marking? – trade obstacles imposed by national requirements, on the example of the General French Protocol...

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Dangerous substances in construction product “small wastewater treatment plants”

Construction products are usually verified by basic requirements as testing the structural stability or the classification into fire protection classes. However, over the last two decades, there has...

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Standards for small wastewater treatment plants

German and European standards are well established technical standards and they reflect the state of the art. Standards are a good instrument to manufacture comparable products and to distribute them...

Issue 2016-02 Day 3: Thursday, 25th February 2016

Small wastewater treatment plants