Current safety-specific aspects

Construction and operation of small wastewater treatment plants

Safety during the construction and operation of small wastewater treatment plants is covered in many laws, regulations, and stan-dards. But a summary, simply accessible under the heading “small wastewater treatment plants,” unfortunately does not exist. Various specifications and regulations must be observed, depending on the given situation and the parties involved. Preventive measures and risk assessment of the work to be carried out are always important aspects of accident prevention. Basic requirements are, for example, contained in the German law on health and safety at work, which states...

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161,000 m³ of structural concrete for wastewater treatment plant in Prague

The city of Prague invests about € 250 million, and is using up about 161,000 m³ of structural concrete, in a building project at the Imperial Island on the Vltava River. The central wastewater...

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Small wastewater treatment systems

203 The work for the European Standard for small wastewater treatment plants EN 12566 – a never ending but always actual story Die Arbeit an der Europäischen Kleinkläranlagennorm EN 12566 – Eine...

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Rectification of disruptions of operations in small wastewater treatment plants –

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Quo vadis?

In October 2014, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) found “that the Federal Republic of Germany violated the obligations arising from Directive 89/106/EEC” because it created additional...

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Consequences of the new ECJ decision for small ­wastewater treatment plants and their operators

Since the effective date of December, 15, 2015, much more concerning small wastewater treatment plants has become clear – but just as much still remains unclear. The Federal Republic of Germany has...