Slot drain for concrete slabs and method of forming concrete

(10) EP3601675 (A1)

(43) 05.02.2020

(57) The slot drain 1 is configured to expand and contract in response to contraction and expansion of one or more adjacent concrete slabs. The slot drain may comprises a channel delimited by two opposing channel walls 2 with the walls being resiliently biased apart. The drain may also comprise a cover 12 with one or more apertures provided in a rebate 14. The rebate may be provided in head pieces 10 attached to the channel walls
and is sized to provide a recess that supports the cover. There may be a filter 19 underneath the cover supported on ledges 23 on opposing channel walls or ledges extending from opposing surfaces of each head piece. The slot drain may comprise a plurality of pipes 26 attached to it. Also disclosed is a kit of parts comprising the slot drain and a mould for moulding a base of a concrete slab and a method of forming concrete paving with the slot drain.

(71) GRASS CONCRETE LTD [GB] + (Grass Concrete Limited)

(73) HOWDEN ROBERT ELLIS [GB] + (HOWDEN, Robert Ellis)

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