Russian giant

Morton Group is developing a greenfield site to build a plant with an annual precast output that enables the construction of buildings with a total floor space of 525,000 m2. Astonishingly, several other precast plants located less than 100 kilometers away from the site are already producing the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of square meters per year.

This might sound presumptuous: after its commissioning, the new “DSK Grad” plant to be operated by the Morton construction group is to produce precast elements that enable the construction of residential buildings with a total floor space of 525,000 m2 per year, encompassing a wide range from sandwich walls to hollow-core floor slabs. This figure corresponds, for instance, to 23 high-rise buildings of the Russian P-44T type, each providing 17 stories and a total usable space of 22,860 m2. This is just one of the many building types that are part of Morton’s portfolio. Around Moscow, the group...

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