Reschke and Zurheide expand management board

Since 01 September 2018, Frank Reschke and Volker Zurheide jointly with Rolf Ovesiek manage the business of the machinery and equipment manufacturer from Andernach, Germany, as a three-person board. The former second managing director Udo Klaussner was seen into well-deserved retirement after five successful years.

Reschke has been associated with Masa already since 1999 and was, among others, responsible for building up the Masa subsidiaries in Moscow, Russia, and India. Reschke was given signature powers in 2007 and took over the general sales management in 2010. Since that time, he has been a permanent member of the management board.

Zurheide, who has worked for Masa since December 2004, took over management of finance already in February 2006. As company officer with corporate authority he has closely worked together with the management for more than 12 years.

Ovesiek, Managing Director of Masa GmbH, is pleased: “With Frank Reschke and Volker Zurheide we have two experienced insiders of the industry at the helm of the entire Masa Group. Both have impressive backgrounds and will further develop the traditional Masa brand.”

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