Reliable partner of the concrete industry for 25 years

What started with the company‘s foundation by Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Erwin Kniele at the beginning of 1991, has evolved into an international success story over 25 years now: ­Kniele Misch­technik looks back on know-how gained over many years in planning, construction, manufacturing and assembly of turnkey mixing plants for precast factories, concrete block factories, ready-mixed concrete factories and mortar plants as well as for ultra-high performance concretes (UHPC).

Innovative engineering services as well as fast and flexible reactions to constantly changing markets, to extended technical requirements and customer-oriented service have turned our company into a leading international supplier. Therefore, Kniele Baumaschinen GmbH Mischtechnik - Mixing Technology - has been a sought-after partner for many years as far as new plant constructions, modernizations, expansions or complete conversations are concerned.

Plant concepts for all kinds of tasks

Kniele Mischtechnik offers plant concepts for all kinds of tasks and requirements as tower plants, step plants, star and scraper plants, row-type silo plants, pocket-type silo plants, mobile mixing plants and special mixing plants of any kind and for the most various industries from the concrete industry through to the wetcast or chemical industry. Kniele Baumaschinen GmbH is assisting their customers as a consulting partner already in the planning phase. Thanks to the experience gained over many decades, the customers are provided with state-of-the-art individual system solutions. The desired capacities of the plant have to be coordinated individually with mixer sizes and types being determined correspondingly.

All plants can be delivered with one or several mixers: mixing capacities from 0.1 to 3.0 m³ of hardened concrete, either as intensive mixer with mechanically driven and infinitely adjustable agitators, or as KKM mixer (cone-type mixer). Special mixers can be integrated into all plants according to the customer’s individual wishes and requirements. The customer can choose from one or several ways to discharge the product, e.g. for truck-mixers, for skip hoists or for concrete spreaders and concrete buckets.

For one thing, the continuous growth of the company is reflected by always new product developments, starting with the tray mixer with mechanically driven agitators conceived in the year of foundation, to the counter-current mixer type GM (in 1997), the cone mixer type KKM (in 2000) and the twin-shaft mixer type DWM (in 2006) as well as other plants through to the laboratory intensive mixer type KKM-RT 15/22,5 with rheometer and tribometer (in 2015), being the first of its kind in the world according to the manufacturer.

Well equipped for the future too

For another thing, the company provided for the growth by investing in the workforce totaling to 25 people in the meantime and several new factory buildings: though Kniele started with office and shop floor at a neighboring company, they had an office and the first production hall built on their own premises in 1993. Three additional factory halls were built until 2007, and they made extensive investments in the replacement of the heating system and power generation in 2015.

The company might be very well equipped for future, too: Though the company founder, Erwin Kniele, had appointed his sons, Alexander and Harald, to the management some years ago, the third generation is already introduced by Felix

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