Reliable Bole Type F punching shear reinforcement

Plug in, turn, ready to go. The optimized Bole Type F punching shear reinforcement with its practical click system was developed by Schöck especially for precasters and enables even easier installation – which ensures time-efficient application in the precasting plant. The new Bole Type F is available in two variants.

Point-supported flat slabs provide freedom in plan design, especially in industrial and commercial buildings. Schöck, with its product Bole Type F, offers reinforcement for production of semi-precast slabs that optimally takes up forces in the support area. In this way, it effectively and economically prevents occurrence of punching shear, which is a critical problem associated with this construction method. This solution enables slender architecture. The time-tested product has now been optimized especially for the processes of modern, highly automated production in precasting plants.

In three steps to efficient installation

The Bole Type F consists of individually supplied rails and double-headed studs. Threaded pins are welded onto the underside of the studs. The rails are provided with correctly spaced mounting trestles with spring sheets. In the first step, during installation in the precasting plant, the rails are positioned on the form table, followed by installation of the surface reinforcement and the lattice girders. Separate installation of the rails and double-headed studs ensures automated and smooth installation of the reinforcement.

Following installation of the reinforcement, the double-headed studs with the threaded pins are plugged into the spring sheets on the rail and are slightly turned. With the new click system, the Bole securely engages on the rail and guarantees a stable connection that can later once again be released.

Efficient, flexible handling

The Bole Type F is available in two variants to meet individual requirements: with rails made of steel for greater stiffness and increased stability, and with rails made of plastics to facilitate cutting to size. The rails can be combined with different types of bolts, available in diameters from 10 to 25 mm.

Approval and service included

The Bole has been technically evaluated by DIBt on a European level (ETA-13/0076) and awarded a CE mark. The Schöck Bole design software is based on EC2 and supports structural engineers in reliable and cost-effective design of punching shear reinforcement with double-headed bolts and enables, in addition, bond verification analysis in the area of punching shear. For questions regarding installation, the Schöck installation team is ready to help in the precasting plant. More information, for installation of Bole Type F in precasting plants is available at

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