Relaxed and unwound into the New Year

Dear readers,

The new year also traditionally brings new year’s resolutions and goals. The absolute evergreens: stopping smoking, doing more sports, finally losing weight. But much is planned also in a professional context. There is a definite trend of good intentions in this sense for 2020. A Forsa poll reveals that 62 % of the persons interviewed stated that they want to avoid or reduce stress in the new year. Quite right.

Anyone who is permanently under stress will one day feel the consequences – in the worst cases, in the form of physical or psychosomatic diseases. Looking after yourself is the buzzword here. But employers, too, are called upon to keep an eye on the stress level of their staff – and that also in their own interest.

Stress und work intensification have their price. Productivity is reduced and there is no room for creativity. And the figures of health insurance companies evidence something else as well. According to statements from the German Federal Association of Local Health Insurance Companies – AOK-Bundesverband – absenteeism due to psychological disorders has sharply and disproportionally risen by nearly 80 % over the past ten years.

Reducing stress on both sides and practicing stress management is worth the effort. Measures such as improving communication, providing support in setting priorities for jobs, showing understanding & appreciation – as well as avoiding overtime – can do much in this regard. In this spirit I wish you a relaxed and satisfying new year. Look after yourself, your colleagues and your staff and keep your passion alive for your job in this our special industry.

I wish you much enjoyment in reading your current issue of BFT International.


Karla Knitter