Personnel selection a bottleneck factor

Recruiting and retaining of staff by profiling and potential diagnosis

This presentation addresses ordinary interested people who are looking for a simple, comprehensible and successful introduction into the fascinating topic of psycho-physiognomy (PP).

Physiognomy teaches the language of the body and, in particular, of the face. Fundamental talents, needs, and behavior patterns can be easily recognized with some knowledge and experience. This knowledge is quite useful for taking decisions concerning the future life (education and vocational training, profession, occupational career) and also our life spent together (partnership, teams) can be created much more harmoniously.

Answers can be given to questions on the self-perception (= How do I perceive myself?), on the cognitive abilities (= What am I able to do?) and my personality traits (= How do I act?). Together with a conceptual model, PP also supports companies and associations on all levels of personnel recruitment, human resource development, in assessments of performance, in team building. The selection of personnel is profile-oriented: not the best applicant is employed but the right one. An option that can be applied reliably, even in hectic everyday life.


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