Precast elements for the Ibarrilla Bridge in Mexico

The Ibarrilla bridge project in the west-central region of Mexico was built by Vise S.A. de C.V. at a total cost of 21 million dollars. The structure is composed of nine sections supported by reinforced concrete slabs resting on pretensioned beams.

The Ibarrilla Bridge is located in the west-central region of Mexico and connects the Bajio area with the main north-south corridors that link Mexico City to Nogales and Leon to Ciudad Juarez, along the highway from Leon to Aguascalientes. Besides alleviating congestion on one of the main highways in the country, this project will save operating costs for private and public vehicles. When considering that the bridge project is designed to carry traffic at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour with a curvature of 4.3 degrees and a maximum slope of 5 %, it will save approximately 15 minutes of...

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