Polish Precaster inBet successfully launches its second Carrousel Plant

Founded in 1999, Kolbudy based inBet can look back on two decades of successful precast history in Poland, and even beyond. While the company in the first years worked on standard stationary production tables, inBet started its first modern carrousel plant for the production of lattice girder floors in 2017.

Only two years later, in early 2019, the Polish precast specialist successfully launched its second precast factory, a state-of-the-art carrousel plant for the production of double walls and lattice girder floors, again supplied by the German precast plant and machinery manufacturer Ebawe, and its sister company Progress Maschinen & Automation, one of the seven companies belonging to the precast specialist Progress Group.

Strength through Diversification

Though precast amounts to 50% of the company’s activities, inBet since its beginnings has shown strength through diversification: In addition to its precast activities, approximately one third of its business activities are focused on metal products, 10% on ready-mix concrete, in addition to a few other business activities, such as reinforcement mesh and trusses.

Though the company’s regional stronghold traditionally is in greater Kolbudy near Gdansk, it covers a radius of roughly 100kms, including Gdansk, Sopot, Gedynia and Rumia. Even beyond Poland, inBet successfully markets its precast products to the south of Sweden.

Precast Products for Leading Building Projects

The company covers a wide portfolio of precast products, including lattice girder floors, double walls, stairs and balcony elements. Thanks to the high quality of its products and increased production capacities, inBet has been able to offer precast elements to leading building projects all over the region, including both single multi-storey residential buildings as well as complete residential areas; well known reference projects are for example the Osiedle City Park Project, the Hynka Housing Development and the Old Tenement Quarter.

Good Reasons for a new Investment

Numerous reasons lead to inBet’s latest investment, a brand new Made in Germany carrousel plant for double walls and lattice girder floors.

The strategy was twofold: On the one hand, inBet followed the aim to increase its filigree production output; on the other hand, it became possible to introduce new products like the double wall, which offers numerous advantages.

Secondly, more and more building companies and developers wanted to create buildings with precast elements due to lower construction times as well as a reduced need for workers. As a result, in 2019 the new precast factory successfully started its production.

Key Elements of the new Carrousel Plant

The new factory offers a few key elements representing a modern and highly efficient filigree and double wall production:

Firstly, thanks to the horizontal and vertical compacting process, the best possible concrete compaction can be reached at low noise levels thus creating a better work environment.

Thanks to the combined plotter and pallet cleaner, in production halls with limited space, two working processes can be carried out in one single working station. Furthermore, the plotting machine allows for a reduction of human errors and high precision of the produced precast elements. Finally, thanks to Progress Group’s in-house software and master computer Ebos, the best possible overall control of the carrousel plant can be ensured. Among others, Ebos offers functions such as an automatic pallet assignment, print modules for work sheets, as well as label and report printing modules etc.

The Pluristar: Automatic Stirrup Bender & Straightener in One

In addition to a state-of-the-art carrousel plant by Eilenburg based Ebawe, inBet made use of the ability of Progress Group to provide turnkey and tailor-made solutions for their precast factory, not only in the field of precast concrete technology but also in the field of reinforcement and steel processing. Consequently, inBet also included the Pluristar by Progress Maschinen & Automation into the new investment:

The Pluristar is an automatic stirrup bender, straightener and double-bending machine in one. It can process wire diameters of 6 – 16 mm. The heart of the Pluristar is the combined straightening system consisting of a roller straightening unit and a rotor-straightening unit. This unique combination allows the flexible manufacture of stirrups, straight rebars and rebars with large bends using just a single machine. Depending upon the given product, the suitable straightening unit is fully automatically inserted. The wire is changed fully automatically or manually, as needed. The Pluristar can also be equipped with a 3-D bending system enabling not only 2-dimensional, but also 3-dimensional stirrups.

The Importance of Strong Partnerships

InBet CEO Maciej Jeczmyk is highly satisfied with his second experience with Ebawe and Progress Maschinen & Automation. He sums up his cooperation with the Progress Group companies as follows: „We were very satisfied with our interaction with Ebawe and Progress in 2017, and also now, for our new factory which opened in 2019, we decided again for the same machinery partner.


inBet Sp. z o.o.

ul. Przemysłowa 10

83-050 Kolbudy/Poland

+48 58 682-77-65


Ebawe Anlagentechnik GmbH

Dübener Landstraße 58

04838 Eilenburg/Germany

+49 3423 665-0

Progress Maschinen & Automation AG

Julius-Durst-Straße 100

39042 Brixen/Italy

+ 39 0472 979100


Progress Group GmbH

The Squaire 15

Am Flughafen

60549 Frankfurt am Main/Germany

+49 6977 044044


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