Parking in a uniquely designed prefab garage

Early this year, Zapf GmbH launched Clou 2.0 as the new edition with round-shaped roof. The new, upgraded model is equally popular; it has already been installed on quite some properties in Germany. The garage manufacturer can thus take positive stock overall.

“Sales have been progressing very well so far, and we received exceedingly positive customer feedback,” enthuses Wolfgang Wallesch, Sales and Marketing Director at Zapf. He adds: “The fact that this round-shaped garage has been a head-turner to the present day and that people look at it with curiosity became apparent during almost every installation of this uniquely designed garage.” In 1994, Zapf developed the first Clou edition and was presented with the IF Design Award of IF Forum Hannover owing to its unique architecture. “In our view, top-class design has again become a big trend in the prefab garage segment, which is why we have relaunched this unique garage design this year,” comments Emmanuel Thomas, Managing Director at Zapf GmbH.

Compared to its predecessor, the Clou 2.0 design reveals an even clearer formal language: the rounding of its front was straightened, and the previous door was replaced with a sectional door supplied by premium manufacturer Niemetz. Furthermore, the round window formerly integrated in the side wall was eliminated. By contrast, the semi-circular roof design that lends a unique appearance to the Clou product has been left unchanged.

A year of many new developments

Yet Clou 2.0 is just one of a number of new developments that Zapf announced this year. For example, in spring, the company sold its Zapf Bau solid house division to fully focus on the prefab garage business, where the company is leading the German market. This change is also reflected by its corporate design: since July, the garage symbol and wording has been part of the new logo.

Zapf is also currently modernizing and expanding its site in Dülmen in the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia. Construction works are scheduled for completion in a few weeks. According to the manufacturer, the site will then be one of the most advanced prefab garage production facilities in Europe.


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