Pfeifer Seil- und Hebetechnik

PCC column foot system – anchored quickly and safely, also in frost

In time for Bauma 2016, Pfeifer will present a further-developed version of the PCC column foot system as the latest addition to the company product portfolio. The new system enables force-locked connection of columns to foundations and/or columns to beams by simply bolting the two elements together. This makes separate transport and later assembly of foundations and columns possible. Full loadbearing capacity is ensured without the need for casting or fulfilling other conditions.

Installation of anchors in the foundation is performed at the construction site or in the precast plant, whereas installation of the column feet takes place exclusively in the precast plant. Separate transport of the elements to the construction site thus optimizes meeting logistics requirements. At the site, the precast elements are then simply bolted together. The connection is instantly loadbearing, and complex support measures are not required.

Certificates of compliance in the form of official approvals and type tests enable qualified detail solutions for narrow column geometries. The very slight dimensional differences between bolt axis and column foot guarantee ideal structural engineering for efficient utilization.

Technical support for design and installation, provided by experienced Pfeifer specialists, ensures successful project execution. High quality in manufacture is guaranteed by certification according to DIN ISO 9001 and DIN EN 1090.

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