New version of the Flatliner inloader at IAA trade fair

At this year’s IAA Nutzfahrzeuge trade fair in the German city of Nuremberg from September 20th-27th, Langendorf, the Waltrop-based manufacturer with long tradition presents a vehicle from the SB series to the specialized trade professionals. The completely revised Flatliner impressively shows the range of possible missions.

The inloader of type SB-19 H 95/81 is used on all continents under the name Flatliner. An important advantage is the loading and unloading that needs no aids like a crane or lift truck, as the Flatliner must only take in a pallet (flat) that already carries the load on it.

The most important innovations includes: The door retainers are now significantly more robust – an important safety aspect when loading and unloading on uneven terrain in strong winds. All side storage compartments have been redesigned and are now even better protected against the ingress of spray water. The operating elements have been redesigned from an ergonomic point of view and – as the inloader is in use worldwide – provided with universally understandable lasered operating pictograms.

Maintenance openings in the shaft inside now allow a more comfortable access to the slack adjusters. Thus, the care and maintenance of these important components is much easier.

The worktop on the two long girders – also called girder grate – now consists of GRP. Long-term tests have shown that GRP is less sensitive to soiling and thus significantly increases the safety of the driver.



Other visible changes include the rear portal. The hinged underrun protection is now made of aluminum and does not burden the driver with the same strength – when folding operation as strong as the previous steel design. In addition, the 270 ° rear door can now be retrofitted with minimal effort into a combi-door. This was not possible before.

The sum of the changes has many effects on the daily operation with minimal design changes of the vehicle.

The handling of the vehicle for the driver is more comfortable, the entrepreneur can always retrofit options without much effort.

Intended for use behind two- or three-axle tractors, the empty weight could be reduced to approx. 9,500 kg. Thanks to the technically advanced single-wheel suspension, the loading shaft has a length of 9,500 mm and a width of 1,550 mm. This makes it possible to transport loads that are more than 9 m long and up to 3.7 m high in the loading shaft.

Loads of these dimensions are generally transported with low-loaders, although due to the load height or width, a special permit is often required. Most of the time, these transports are also linked to conditions. With the inloader, these requirements are frequently  dropped, thereby providing maximum flexibility to the carrier.

Owing to the hydraulic lifting arm, no special technical requirements are needed on the tractor – any commercially available articulated truck can be used.

The hydraulics are self-sufficiently operated with the electric engine built in the trailer. The same engine also operates the fixing devices hydraulically. They can be adjusted horizontally and vertically so they can be flexibly adapted to the most varied loads and can be displaced in longitudinal direction on angled rails. In addition, a telescoping of the fixing arms is now possible. Therefore, the operation is fully possible from the ground and thus ensures the safety of the operating staff.


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