New special mix for concrete cosmetics

Concrete in its original form (opus caementitium) was already used in the antique Roman world. The outstanding technical properties of this construction material, such as its great stability and durability, are impressive to this day and give it its special status in the construction industry. However, various influences can nevertheless cause damage to concrete.

Special cementitious mix

A number of harmful effects on architectural concrete were still considered as being irreparable only a few years ago. The Swiss company Synfola claims to have finally succeeded in finding the hitherto best solution in the area of concrete repair. At the core of this success are the SBK-08 cosmetic products, which are based on purely cementitious or cementitious-pigmented special mixes made of the same materials as the concrete itself. Owing to the great durability and strength, it can also be used in highly frequented buildings. The repaired areas cannot be distinguished from the original construction.

When concrete cosmetic products containing synthetic substances are used, the repaired areas during aging react in a manner differently from that of the remaining surface. The color of areas repaired with SBK-08 mineral concrete cosmetics cannot be distinguished from the existing or treated concrete even after many years. At this time, there are around 2,000 reference projects, primarily in Switzerland and in Austria. In Germany, the products have been sold since 2016 through the coating manufacturer Rhenocoll, as the exclusive distributor in Germany.

An alternative for architects, planners, and builders

The company Rhenocoll, based in Konken in West Palatinate/Germany, after having been convinced of the product quality in the field of concrete cosmetics, conducted regular training courses in this area. In modern application technology, supervised by coating specialists, the use of SBK-08 can be learned in theory and practice. Participants in the training courses receive, in addition to a certificate, a cost-saving, efficient solution for their companies, one which they can implement with their customers. In the concrete cosmetics sector, SBK-08 is a new and valuable alternative for planners, architects, and not least, builders.


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