Sono-Mix moisture probe for face-concrete mixer

An increasing number of concrete block manufacturers are now specializing in colored premium products. Masa offers the S 350/500 concrete mixer especially for the manufacture of face concrete.

The structure of the fresh concrete mix produced by the Masa S 350/500 is flawless, homogenous, and agglomerate-free. This is the result of the combination of a rotating mixer trough with an inclination of 20° with a stationary agitator.

But there are more features of the Masa S 350/500 that add up to top ratings. The agitators are driven by wear-resistant toothed belts. The drive motor for the mixer trough is also fitted with frequency converters; a frequency-controlled drive for the agitator is optionally available. The trough is emptied through a pneumatically controlled discharge opening. The mixer trough is fitted with a stainless steel floor and side plates that can be exchanged. Passive mixer dust removal “Airbag” is standard equipment, and an active mixer “Dust Collector” dedusting unit is optionally available. Extra inlet feeds for color and other additions to the concrete can be easily implemented.

Continuous flow of materials and long service life

The Masa S 350/500 is fitted with a scraper for cleaning the side wall of the mixer. The Sono-Mix Mini integrated in the scraper is based on state-of-the art Trime radar technology and measures the moisture content of the concrete mix. This in particular ensures a continuous flow of materials and shows that the probe is optimally positioned.

Thanks to the small dimensions of the unit, no material, or only an absolute minimum, adheres to the probe. The robust special ceramics at the probe head moreover ensures a long service life.


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